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The suite of modern technologies for fast & better static assets

A powerful content delivery network designed for the future.


A combination of 4 CDN providers, choose the fastest for your location.

File Optimization

Ease delivery by optimizing files before they are served to end-users.

Robust Security

Equipped with a modern security suite to prevent bad traffic and malware.

All your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket & WordPress files in a CDN

Advance your development experiences with a powerful optimized content delivery network that know your needs.

Unlimited files

Serve any files you want to serve with 100% production-grade environment of modern content delivery network.

Works with any files

Store your files on a repo, just like you always have. When it's time to share, simply serve with Statically.

Built-in optimization

Let our bolt be your speed! Statically serve the optimized version of your static files by default.

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Everything needed for modern web development.

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