Using Staticzap

The main goal of this service is to serve open source files quickly.









:user GitHub username

:repo Project repository

:tag Branch/commit/hash

:file File name



So, in the example above we know that /gh/ is the CDN, mrdoop is :user, three.js is :repo, dev is :tag, and build/three.min.js is :file.

Cache Control

All files will be cached on the CDN for 1 year, except for these listed branch that are cached for only 1 day:

  • main
  • master
  • dev
  • develop
  • gh-pages

So, if you are using it in the production environment, we suggest to use commit/hash for :tag.

Lower Cache Control for HTML file

All files that detected as HTML based, will be cached for 1 day. This includes .htm, .html, .shtml, and .xhtml files. We do this for security reason.

HTML content

If you want to use Staticzap for HTML content, we require you to verify identity, please create a secret Gist with your GitHub account and send the URL via contact. We do this to keep Statically safe.

File Size Limit

The file size limit is 30MB and we set the limit on request per individual file. So a single HTTP request can't go above 30MB or else the 413 Payload Too Large error will appear.

Supported Services

Staticzap offers support for these listed services:

If you think we need to support more, please let us know.