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  • Push to serve. Integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and WordPress SVN.

  • Unlimited bandwidth. Files are served via super fast global CDNs.

  • Use a specific tag or commit hash in the URL (not a branch). Files are cached permanently based on the URL.

  • Files are cached in the browser for 1 year except for the master branch. Learn more about cache behavior.

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How to use?

CDN for GitHub files


CDN for GitLab files


CDN for Bitbucket files


CDN for custom endpoint images


CDN for any popular web library


CDN for WordPress static files

https://cdn.statically.io/wp/c/:version/wp-includes/:file https://cdn.statically.io/wp/p/:plugin_name/:version/:file https://cdn.statically.io/wp/t/:theme_name/:version/:file

Get a favicon from a domain


Take a screenshot of a webpage



Serve css/js/image files from GitHub

Serve images from custom endpoints

Get Twemoji's image with Libs

Get WordPress's static files from WordPress.org SVN

Get a favicon of google.com

Take a screenshot of http://google.com


Git repo CDN

Serve your files from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket with proper `Content-Type` header.

Use this CDN


Serve your website images fast, auto-webp, and compressed for the best experience of static files.

Use this CDN


Easily get a screenshot from a webpage and serve it with super fast global CDN.

Use this CDN

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Statically is greatly running on multiple CDN like .

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Statically is a free multi-CDN for open source project, WordPress, images and other assets with high-performance of caching and optimization.

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